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OtsReg Licensing and Installation Guide


IMPORTANT: This document is designed with step-by-step pictures to remove any confusion while licensing your product. You should browse through the steps for your particular situation now, and refer back to it if you get stuck at any stage.

Links in this guide are displayed in light blue. Many of these refer to helpful information in the Glossary and explain the linked term. For more information on the OtsReg licensing system please see the OtsReg FAQ.

Depending on whether the machine you are licensing is connected to the internet or not, you will need to select from one of the following options.

Click applicable guide:  I am licensing my product...

Internet-Connected     on a machine which IS connected to the internet
Non-Internet-Connected     on a machine which is NOT connected to the internet
Using-Token     using a product token

Click one of the following questions to view an explanation from the glossary of the related OtsReg licensing terms:

What is a Product Token?

What is a Product License?

What is a Machine License?

What is a Machine License Request?