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OtsReg: Licensing with a Product Token

This step-by-step picture guide is for licensing a product using a Product Token.

Brief Objective: To enter your Product Token into the OtsZone.com website form, therefore obtaining a Product License. Once your software is installed and run, this Product License can then be pasted in the OtsReg window, and a button can be clicked to automatically obtain a Machine License using the internet connection.


STEP 1 - Get your Product Token handy which will be enclosed in the box you purchased (it is a string of letters/numbers like this PBEZ-LNQL-421Z-YXA3-61YQ-5CFD). Then in your web browser, go to:


STEP 2 - You will be prompted with a page that looks like this:

You will need to click on "creating a new profile" as shown above. (If you are already a registered and activated OtsZone.com profile holder, login and skip to Step 6).

STEP 3 - Fill in the "Create User Profile" form, and click on the "Create Profile" button down the bottom. (NOTE: If you do not have an email address, you can signup for a free Yahoo one here: http://mail.yahoo.com).

STEP 4 - You will now need to activate your new OtsZone.com profile. Check your email account and in two minutes you should have an important activation email from OtsZone.com. (If this does not arrive, make sure your spam filter is not blocking mail from @OtsZone.com - contact your email provider if problems persist).

You will have an email like this below - you will need to click on the activation link and login if prompted:

Once you have clicked the link as shown above, and logged in if prompted, you should read "Activation Successful!". (If the web address is broken in two pieces, due to your email software, you will need to copy and paste them together into the web browser address bar, without any inbetween spaces, and press enter on the keyboard).

STEP 5 - Now that you have an OtsZone.com profile, and it is activated, you will need to go to this address again in your web browser (login if prompted):


STEP 6 - You should now see the OtsZone: Enable Product License form where you type in your Product Token, name and optional company, to receive your Product License. Your Product Token should be carefully entered exactly as it appears on the slip of paper that came in the box, including hyphens. Note: Make sure you enter in the correct name for the legal owner of this software license (this should be the same person as in the OtsZone.com profile). The screen should look like this:

Click on the "Enable Product" button down the bottom, once you have entered everything correctly. (Note: You can only use a Product Token successfully once, to enable a Product License. Once you have enabled your Product License, it will always be associated with the OtsZone.com profile you were logged in under when enabling. If you need to retrieve your Product License again in future, you can always do so by logging into ots7.com/otszone and clicking on "My Licenses" in the site menu.)

STEP 7 - Once successful, you should see the "OtsZone: Product License" display page. This is the same page you can access in future by clicking on "My Licenses" in the OtsZone site menu. You will now need to highlight the 9 lines of the Product License from this web page and then copy and paste it into OtsReg, once your software is installed and run (explained in next few steps). Here's a picture of copying the Product License:

Right-click and copy the Product License text as shown in the above picture. (You can learn about copying and pasting here if you are not sure how to do it).

STEP 8 - A copy of your Product License is now sitting in the Windows clipboard (in memory). If the machine you are licensing does not have an internet connection, you should continue now with STEP 2 in the guide for licensing a machine that is not connected to the internet. Otherwise, you can go ahead now and install and run your new software.

STEP 9 - If your computer needed to reboot after installation, you will need to copy your Product License from OtsZone again. This time however you don't need the token (the token will never be needed again). Simply go to OtsZone and click on "My Licenses" in the site menu (login if prompted). Click on the PDI number (looks like PABA-RT3S) to display your Product License. Highlight and copy into Windows clipboard as you did in Step 7.

STEP 10 - If your new software has not already attempted to run you can double-click its icon on your desktop. You should see the OtsReg window, requesting a Product License. Click on the "Enter/Edit..." button as shown in the picture below:

STEP 11 - You should now see a window titled "OtsReg - Enter/Edit Product License". You need to paste the Product License, you copied into the Windows clipboard a few steps ago, by clicking on the Paste button as shown in this picture below:

Click the "OK" button at the bottom of this window. After this, you should see OtsReg reporting the Product License "Installed and valid".

STEP 12 - You now need to obtain a Machine License. Click on the "Obtain" button, as shown in this picture below:

An "Important Note" window will pop up. Read this carefully and click "OK" down the bottom when finished.

STEP 13 - You should now see a window titled "OtsReg - Obtain Machine License from OtsZone.com". If the machine you are licensing is connected to the internet, you can click on the "Automatically get machine license now!" button. This will attempt to use your internet connection to obtain the Machine License. See picture:

If this is successful, go to Step 14. If you get an error window pop up, stating "Unable to communicate with server. Try again or use the manual method", there may be a few reasons. It may be the server is currently down, in which case you should try again in an hour or so. It could be you're not connected to the internet. Or it could be you have an especially strict firewall which prevents the automatic button from working (e.g. your firewall only allows port 80 access for web browsers). In the case of a strict firewall, you should follow the steps in the non-internet-connected guide, which shows how to perform the manual method of obtaining a Machine License via a web browser. You can click into it here to go straight to Step 8 where this starts (ignore the use of a floppy disk for copying and pasting to, in your case).

Note: If you are unable to obtain a Machine License immediately, there is another temporary option. Simply click on the "OK" button down the very bottom of the "Obtain Machine License..." window, and a 7-day temp license will be offered. You click on the "Create temp license" button in the bottom right-hand corner of the main OtsReg window, and this will get you running the software in the meantime.

STEP 14 - You should see "Installed and valid" in both the Product License and Machine License areas now. Well done! You can now click "Run Application" in the bottom right-hand corner of OtsReg. You have completed the licensing process.

FINAL NOTES - Always keep your Product License safe and private. This represents what you have purchased. If you experience any problems with audio or using the software, be sure to see the software's built-in help file which covers all areas of the program.

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