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2Checkout (formerly Avangate) Secure eCommerce

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(To access the 2Checkout Customer Support area, eg. for any queries pertaining to orderspayment, status tracking, etc—you have placed via the 2Checkout/Avangate platform, please use this link.)

In order to provide greater benefits and payment options to our valuable customers, Ots Labs teamed up with Avangate (now known as 2Checkout as of 2018) and since September 2010 all orders via the OtsZone.com eStore have been processed using 2Checkout/Avangate's highly regarded e-commerce platform for order fulfillment.

The new arrangements deliver the following benefits to our customers:

  • An expanded range of payment options, including additional card types and other common payment methods.
  • Better support for a range of common currencies. For our US customers using USD and also EUR, GBP, AUD, CAD and a number of others, the price shown on your credit card statement will exactly match the headline order price rather than being subject to minor currency conversion fluctuations.
  • Instant license delivery. The vast majority of orders will move through the system in a matter of minutes—start using your product immediately after ordering.
  • An option to order an accompanying backup CD of the software you have purchased in addition to the standard electronic delivery.
  • A more extensive affiliate system making it easier to become an Ots Labs affiliate/reseller. Read more...

Transitional Arrangements

Ots Labs completed the transition to the Avangate platform near the end of September 2010. Our legacy order fulfillment system has been retired and is no longer in use.

To purchase products simply use the buy links at the product site in question. Eg. OtsAV.ots7.com, OtsTurntables.ots7.com, etc, or alternatively use the OtsZone.com product index which has also been migrated to the new system.

If you are a reseller and are unable to use your existing credentials, please contact Ots Labs for assistance. Many existing resellers have already been invited to join our new Reseller Program. If you are interested in becoming an Ots Labs Official Reseller, please contact Ots Labs for further information.

Order-related Customer Support

As part of our arrangement with 2Checkout/Avangate, customer support pertaining to order fulfillment, eg. payment issues, order status tracking, etc, is provided by 2Checkout via the 2Checkout Customer Support area (for all orders placed via the 2Checkout/Avangate platform, ie. post-September 2010).

Product support, eg. technical and sales enquiries, continues to be provided directly by Ots Labs. See our Support area here. If you have an order-related enquiry for an order that was submitted under our legacy system (all orders prior to September 2010 and some afterwards), you should also contact Ots Labs support directly.

OtsZone.com License Management

Please note that it is only the fulfillment of product license purchases that operates via the 2Checkout platform. All other license management functions continue to operate directly via OtsZone.com in the same manner they have always.

We thank all customers for their understanding during the migration period and aspire to continue improving our systems and processes to consistently deliver the best service possible—just as you've come to expect since our eStore first opened in 1999.

Please contact Ots Labs should you have further questions.

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