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OtsZone: Existing Customer Conversion

Customers who ordered an OtsJuke DJ license from the old OtsJuke.com website can convert their OtsJuke DJ license to the new OtsReg system using a simple three-step process:

Note: You can indentify these orders by the fact that the order number begins with '199A', '100A', '200A', or '201A'.

  • Step 1 : Activate your OtsZone.com profile
  • Step 2 : Update your user details
  • Step 3 : Download your new license

 Activate your OtsZone.com profile 

An OtsZone.com user profile has been automatically created for you using the data you entered when you first ordered a product from OtsJuke.com. You should now activate your new OtsZone profile by choosing a password, pasting in your existing OtsJuke DJ license, then selecting "Activate OtsZone Profile".

Choose New Password

New Password:

Confirm Password:*

  * Passwords should be at least 6 characters and contain letters, numbers and characters.

User Authentication

Existing License:*

  * Please paste all of your existing OtsJuke license here.